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Help more faces face the day!

Bubble On Campus is an exclusive program for college students across the U.S. If accepted, you’ll become part of an amazing community—and you’ll get the chance to attend special campus events, promote Bubble on your campus, complete college-specific challenges, and build your resume!

It’s a super fun way for collegiate Bubble lovers to get involved and spread the word about our face-changing, day-changing skincare!

The Life Of a Campus Ambassador


  • Spread awareness of Bubble routines and products 
  • Participate in brand moments (digital and IRL events on and off campus)
  • Complete fun challenges and get rewarded
  • Influence brand-planning and decisions by playing a key role in the Bubble brand


  • Commission on sales made with your promo code 
  • Rewards like free products, gift cards, cash, commission, and more 
  • Exclusive insider info (launches, product development, etc.)
  • Opportunities to participate in photoshoots and brand campaigns
  • Exclusive chat with other Bubble college ambassadors
Like extra credit? Become a Campus Rep!

Campus Reps lead and organize their Campus’s Ambassador Program. More responsibility. More perks. Think of it as a mini-internship!

  • Build leadership skills by mentoring Campus Ambassadors
  • Earn free Bubble products & exclusive brand merch 
  • Get social media management experience
  • Earn Cash Commission $$
  • Enjoy a product Stipend for samplings and events 
  • Network and chat with other Bubble reps around the country
  • Build your resume
Apply Now

The application will ask if you want to apply as a Campus Rep.

Interested? Here’s how it works.

Be enrolled in a college, trade school, or university.

The application will ask if you want to apply as a Campus Rep.

Check your inbox for an invite to join our community.


Make friends! Complete challenges! Have fun!

Claim your rewards


What’s the diff between a Campus Rep and a Campus Ambassador?

Campus Ambassadors are advocates for the brand who spread awareness on their personal social media accounts, attend campus events, and complete campus-specific challenges. 

Campus Rep are Ambassadors with expanded responsibilities (including completing mandatory tasks, managing your school’s Bubble IG account, and hosting on-campus events and samplings.

What is the difference between a Campus Ambassador and Brand Ambassador? 

Campus Ambassadors complete college-focused challenges and promote Bubble On Campus. 

Brand Ambassadors (13+ years old) complete different challenges and promote Bubble anywhere and everywhere. 

More Questions? Contact

More Questions? Contact

What are the perks of becoming a Bubble Campus Ambassador?

Campus Ambassadors complete challenges and earn points. These points can be used in the rewards store to redeem cash, gift cards, and free products from Bubble. We also have special, college-exclusive perks and an exclusive chat that connects you with other Bubble college ambassadors!

Are there any age requirements to become a Campus Ambassador?

Campus Ambassadors must be at least 17 years old. They must also be registered college students living on or near campus with a valid student email address.

Can I be a Campus Ambassador outside of the US? 

At this time, the campus ambassador program is only open to students in the United States.